Civil society groups in opposition to the G8

G8 action network

Focus on the Global South just finished its international preparatory meeting March 7-11, 2008 - here in Japan. The FGS has issued a CALL TO ACTION AGAINST THE G8.
based on thier recent meeting they will present ways groups from aroudn the world can get invovled in their campaign, which fouses on :

"Resisting Free Trade, Militarism and Fighting for Real Solutions to Climate Change"

I came across an article about leftists in Japan and the alternate summit. although there are some leftist groups in the call to action against the G8, the NGO forum (which is made up of groups like Kiko net and OXFAM) is hardly leftist. i am not sure who got this info together but opposition to the government does not make one a leftist or rightist. Sorry to burst X's bubble but it's true. Have a look at this:


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