Keeping abreast of events supporting the people of Burma

On the afternoon of Sat. Sept 29 there was a Demonstration in front of the Burmese (Myanmarese) Embassy. I heard different reports on numbers but there were a lot of people there. There was also a march on Sunday Sept 30.

Funny that a picture of the candle light vigil made it to the cover of the IHT but not the Asahi.

The Japanese MoFA response to the murder of the Japanese journo seems very weak but reading the US media there is a clear lack of understanding of the region and spheres of influence. The boycotts and embargos will not work as long as they come from the minor trading partners. The US can stop all its trade and it will not have an effect. (like before)

Like with Sudan, we need to work with the Chinese government and others in the region. Nonprofit NGOs also need to play a role in pushing our governments to be more negotiation oriented.

Also of note - after the march on Sunday, approximately 20 members of the Burmese pro-democracy movement in Japan started a 48 hour hunger strike in front of United Nations University.

※9月30日、在日ビルマ民主化活動家のみなさん(20名を予定)が48時間のハンガーストライキを国連大学前で実施する予定です > 。国連が仲介役をとつめ、軍政とNLD、少数民族の代表者らが対話を開始し、民主化に向けた歩みを進めてほしいという願いからの行動 そうです。 48時間以降は、現地ビルマ情勢をみてから、継続するかどうか判断するとのことでした。(ビルマ市民フォーラ 事務局)

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