Dangers from the right

I have often wondered about how the right wingers work and I still do not know but I do know that they do affect people working in the area of human rights and those more forward looking on migration. They must have a lot of free time on their hands but I was surprised to hear that people at some groups felt threatened.

One issue is that government officials might not know which orgs are legit or not and allow. If A organization says we are NGOs representing X view and B org says we represent another view they do not necessarily have the sophistication, experience or perhaps interest to discern the quality of data or information.

Another issue is the idea that ngo means anti- government to some people still. Not seeing that freedom of speech is important and that disagreement naturally comes out in dialogue. Sometimes in Japan it is not okay to agree to disagree ミ so disagreement puts you on the "outside".

the fear of threats or danger can still put our work in danger. even if it is for something seemingly simple like ending discrimination.

so we really need to respect the work and privacy of the people doing this in Japan.


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