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締め切り: 12/16(水)


Early-Bird Ends on December 16

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Five more days for the Early-Bird registration!
Register for your course(s) and make full payment by December 16. You can take advantage of this special discount.




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If you complete the payment by the Early-Bird deadline, you can receive the same discount for additional classes within the same semester!

*You may change your course registration before the second class meeting.


英語レベルチェックテストで腕試し!(無料: 1月7日、1月9日)

Meet our instructors and find out more about "Cont. Ed."

Information Session (January 9)
English Placement Test (January 7 & 9)



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LINEで生涯教育とつながろう! 友だち登録すると・・・ゆるキャラ登場?! 受講生に役立つ情報やオトク情報を配信予定。どうぞお楽しみに!

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