Organizations need your support with the refugee / asylum seeker crisis in the EU

     I am collecting of list of groups that need our support to help people escaping conflict and instability settle into their new homes / countries
    • Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) International, or Doctors Without Borders
      MSF works with refugees and internally displaced people around the world, setting up hospitals in refugee camps, providing medical, psychological and nutritional care, and ensuring access to safe drinking water, among other services.
      You can donate directly here.  
      Doctors Without Borders plays a special role in Italy with two ships, The Bourbon Argos and Dignity I, which rescue migrants and refugees from smugglers' unseaworthy boats in the Mediterranean north of Libya. In Italy, it also cares for medical needs of rescued migrants in Sicily, where most of those saved arrive, and has mobile clinics in Rome, that assist at Tiburtina train station and near a center helping migrants.

      Doctors of the World (Medecins du Monde), based in France, is on the front lines in Germany, where the number of migrants is expected to reach 800,000 this year, and with mobile clinics in Calais, the French port city on the English Channel where thousands of migrants try to sneak into Britain. With its mobile clinics, like those used "in the aftermath of a natural disaster," the organization is the only charitable group offering health care in Calais.
      Its site notes that donations go to "real needs on the ground," not to urgent situations highlighted by media coverage, allowing the organization to decide where funds are most needed at any given time.

      Oxfam has launched an appeal for refugees in Jordan and Lebanon. Some of the money will be used to ensure access to safe water and sanitation in Jordan's Zaatari camp. It is also giving money to families to help them with safe housing. The public can donate online .

      ActionAid is also raising funds to support work in the Zaatari camp, distributing vital supplies. Donations can be made online.

      Save the Children
      Save the Children has focused services for child refugees in Syria and neighboring countries, including setting up "child friendly" spaces, supporting schools, providing access to health care and food, and more. Children's Emergency Fund here.

      International Rescue Committee (IRC)
      IRC works in more than 40 countries to provide health care, infrastructure, education, economic support, emergency relief and resettlement services for refugees, with special programs for women and children. online donations here.

      The World Food Programme is the largest humanitarian agency working inside Syria, and is also providing food assistance to refugees in neighbouring countries. Donate online, or via PayPal 

      Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS)
      MOAS is a foundation based in Malta whose mission is to prevent migrant and refugee deaths at sea while crossing the Mediterranean in unsafe vessels. Through its rescue vessel, M.Y. Phoenix, and other vessels and aircraft, MOAS has saved more than 10,000 lives. you can fundraise and donate on the MOAS website.

      Auberge des Migrants, grassroots organization in Calais providing food, clothing, covers and advice. Http://

      Salam, grassroots organization in Calais that distributes one daily meal to migrants and basic necessities from toothpaste to covers.

      Refugees Welcome, Flüchtlinge Willkommen,  is essentially an Airbnb for refugees in Germany and Austria, created by a couple based out of Berlin. Refugees can apply to be matched with a participating German or Austrian resident as a roommate. More than 400 refugees have applied so far, and 124 have been successfully matched. Refugees Welcome helps participants pay rent and utilities through donations. You can help by supporting the crowdfunding campaign here.

      Calais Migrant Solidarity: organising aid from the UK to those stranded in Calais. Includes details to find local groups for clothes collections and donations here and a UK-based Facebook group

      Sawa for development and aid: working with Syrian refugees in Lebanon

      Refugee Action: advice about claiming asylum, the asylum process, asylum support

      World Vision: providing food, water, shelter, education and psychosocial care

      Hummingbird Project: Driving regularly to Calais with nurses, legal aid, food kitchens.


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