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第1回 医療政策の基礎知識
第2回 ニュースで見る医療政策
第3回 医療を取り巻く多様なプレーヤー
第4回 日本の医療の国際比較
第5回 日本の医療は持続可能か
第6回 明日の医療政策を考えるためのヒント

・当機構理事 小野崎耕平
・当機構エグゼクティブディレクター 宮田俊男

・日時:毎月第3木曜日 19:00‐21:00(全6回)

※1 日時、内容、講師等、予告なく変更する場合がございます。
※2 応募者多数の場合、審査の上選考させていただく場合がございます。
※3 参加者が最少開催人員に満たない場合、開催中止とすることがあります。

配信先 メールアドレスの変更は、「メールアドレス変更」とご記入のうえ、新アドレスからご返信ください。

◆◇日本医療政策機構では、個人賛助会員を募集しています。(年会費:1口 10,000円)◇◆


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1. (Application closes soon!) Health Policy Academy
 (Please note that this program is available in Japanese only)

In the face of changing population demographics, constant health technology advances, and rising healthcare costs, health policy in Japan is now more interesting than ever. The Health and Global Policy Institute will offer a program entitled Health Policy 101, for people who would like to gain basic knowledge of the Health Policy. With the program students will be able learn the essentials of the health policy.

An Application form is available here (Application closes at 23:59 on September 11, 2015)

*Please note that the application is also available in Japanese only as this program is offered only in Japanese.

■Program (Subject to change)
Session 1: Health policy basics
Session 2: Health policy in the news
Session 3: Health care players
Session 4: Cross-national comparison of Japan’s health care system
Session 5: Is healthcare in Japan sustainable?
Session 6: Tips for future health policy
・Mr. Kohei Onozaki, Board Member and President, HGPI
・Dr. Toshio Miyata, Executive Director, HGPI

・Tuition Fee: 99,000 JPY (Fee applies to entire six session series.)
・Term: Over 6 months
・Time and Date: 19:00-21:00, the third Thursday of the month (Subject to change)
・Date of the first lecture: Thursday, October15 (Subject to change)
・Venue: TBD(Near Tokyo, Aoyama, Roppongi area)

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◆◇Supporting member for HGPI (Annual membership fee 10,000yen)◇◆
Health and Global Policy Institute conduct various activities with financial support from foundations and companies as well as individual members both domestic and international.
Your continued support is important for HGPI to continue its activities as a non-profit and non-partisan think tank.
We would greatly appreciate your generous support.

>>Please register as a supporting member:

Mariko Oyamada (Ms.)
Manager, Business Development, Health and Global Policy Institute
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