Education for Social Justice - Feb 1 workshop summary

ESJ syl 2014 Workshop outline (PDF)

Schedule: Saturday, Feb 1, 2014, 10:00 - 5:00
Purpose: Activities that promote a greater understanding of local or global issues.
Overview: A hands-on introduction to major global issues through diverse activities. Participants will engage in a few activities and also review materials on issues such as water, child labour, hunger, refugees, rights, environmental issues and health. Participants will also have a chance to develop their own materials and will review resources anyone may use to engage others in the development of a deeper, more critical understanding of the issues. Anyone can be effective in promoting awareness of social issues through the development of materials and activities that spur awareness and action in a fun an interactive way!
Language: All materials are in English and class will be conducted in English.
Workshop outline
Part 1 Opening and introductions
Part 2 How good is your life, how are our lives connected?
Part 3 Health issues
Part 4 Village Role play - Agriculture, hunger and health
Part 5 Imagine the life a of a refugee
Part 6 Simulation - Child labour, the lives of children who work
Part 7 Gender quiz (if time)
Part 8 Group work – designing your own activities

Wrap up Final group discussion on social justice and 

What we learn from such activities + what we can do.

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