O.G.A. FOR AID update

O.G.A. FOR AID is organizing a huge gathering of support in Yoyogi July 21st from 15-18:00. NHK producer will be there filming and we will use that footage to create a fundraising campaign for online platforms such as indie gogo. 
 some sponsors saying they will match what we can raise and also we will be selling tshirts, & sunglasses.

The second thing is that a company called Warrior Dash http://warriordash.jp
has agreed to support financially for each runner we recruit for their next event in July. We will also be petitioning our friends, corporations etc to sponsor runners (50,000jpy a runner, can be split between sponsors, friends etc) Warrior Dash is allowing 100% to go to the cause and we are working now to see about other companies matching the donation should these runners succeed :) give it a little competitive edge and make it fun!

On the picnic on the 21st we will be actively promoting this race and encouraging those with adventurous souls to sign up for running.  

I was hoping you could support our race to save the farm by promoting  both of these events and/or encouraging your friends to attend,  or perhaps you would like to BE a runner or two :) Please check out the website and the FB site for more information and if you would be able to pass the word on to your network on our behalf Id be sooooooo grateful!
 The picnic is very family friendly by the way, the Warrior Dash is also full of families but there is free flowing beer, music and a real fuji rock type atmosphere. You will LOVE it!

I look forward to your feed back and hope all is well for your family, and with work. 


Angela Marie Ortiz
Director of Administration
一般社団法人O.G.A. FOR AID


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