'Whither Goes Corporate Governance, Goes the Future of Civilization' on Green Mondays!

'Whither Goes Corporate Governance, Goes the Future of Civilization' on Green Mondays!
We hope to see you on April 22nd!

Whither Goes Corporate Governance, Goes the Future of Civilization Time: April 22, 2013 from 6:30pm to 9pm
Location: 21st Century Club, 10th floor Shin Maru Building
Organized By: Patricia Bader-Johnston

Event Description:

You may not think about it every day, but the future of mankind depends on how much we can improve corporate governance. Private corporations, as entities that anyone can set up with a simple registration procedure, have only existed for a bit more than 150 years. During that short time they have enabled larger and larger funds to be raised, thereby making possible mass production, cost reductions, and wonderful, beneficial new products for us all to enjoy. They have literally transformed our world.  But the huge fund-raising power of soul-less corporations with “limited liability” is arguably a double-edged sword leading to larger and more frequent cases of massive risk externalization (think Lehman, British Petroleum, Tepco, and global warming), “too big to fail” (think AIG), huge government bailouts (think, banks and GM), value-destroying scandals, and market volatility and economic distortions.  
Is the “modern corporation” outmoded? What is the future of civilization in a world where financing volumes and technology enhancements (and therefore, complexity and potential damage) are increasing at an exponential rate, but social systems and regulations to “risk-manage” them only improve slowly, after a lag?  Do we need to re-think capitalism, corporate governance, and strategies for achieving true “sustainability”?  If so, where to begin?  Our speaker will introduce these fascinating issues.

Nicholas Benes heads up the government-approved non-profit, “The Board Director Training Institute of Japan, which provides governance and compliance-related training. He holds a JD-MBA degree from UCLA and is an inactive member of the bar in California and New York. He has served as an investment banker at JP Morgan, founder of his own M&A advisory firm, and has eight years of experience as an independent director on a number of Japanese corporate boards, including that of Livedoor (post-scandal), the listed company Cecile, and private companies.  Until recently, he served as a twice-elected a Governor of the American Chamber in Japan, and a member of the FSA's Corporate Governance Liason Commiteee. He is Chair of the ACCJ’s “Growth Strategy Task Force”, and for many years sat as a member of an advisory committee to the Japanese Cabinet, the Japan Investment Council.

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