PlaNet Finance Forum September 24 to 27

The PlaNet Finance Group launched on September 13 & 14, 2012 in Le Havre city, France, the first edition of the LH Forum, the sole international conference dedicated to the positive economy that matters, under the high patronage of the French Presidency with the participation of President François Hollande. The LH Forum aims at promoting the development of an economic activity that is meaningful to every man and woman and this is respectful of the planet.

In 2013, the LH Forum will be held once again in Le Havre city from September 24 to 27. It will be built around key topics related to the positive economy and organized around the three following pillars:


The Planet : for all issues related to the environment, the planet, its resources, its preservation

The Human being : for all issues related to the management of the social dimension, governance, balance of power, the role of the human being in the organization and economy

The Planet & the Human being : for all issues related to the transformation of the planet by the human being and relationship between the human being and environment

More than 150 renowned experts, business leaders, heads of NGOs, academic and political leaders as well as representatives of trade unions will gather for a three day meeting in order to present their vision and elaborate recommendations in order to build up the foundations of a new economy. Among confirmed speakers to date:


Michel Barnier, European Commissioner for internal market and services

Joseph E. Stiglitz, economist, Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences

Jacques Attali, President, PlaNet Finance group

Antonio Meloto, founder, Gawad Kalinga NGO

Jean-Michel Beacco, Managing Director, Institut Louis Bachelier

Karma Tshiteem, Secretary, Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness Commission

Armel Le Coz, Founder member, Mouvement Démocratie Ouverte

Luc Jacquet, film maker

Christian de Boisredon, Founder, Sparknews

The Movement for a positive economy is underway. In order for it to live and expand, a collective mobilization is essential. Take part in the LH Forum experience and register now online in order to share with us pioneering visions, thinking modes and economic business models.

Truly Yours,

Jacques Attali
President, Movement for a positive economy
President, PlaNet Finance Group

Arnaud Ventura
Founder, Movement for a positive economy
Co-Founder, PlaNet Finance Group


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