Mar 25 Green Mondays - Biofuels for the Future

March 25th! Dr. Jonathan Trent is NASA'a leading expert on alternative biofuels and has been a featured TED Global speaker:
In 2008 he invented and initiated NASA patents on OMEGA (Offshore Membrane Enclosures for Growing Algae) to treat wastewater and produce biofuels, animal feed, fertilizer, while sequestering carbon.
He then carried out Google-funded research in 2007-2008 on “Sustainable Energy for Spaceship Earth” and in 2004 initiated efforts to establish a Center for the Exploration of the Limits of Life (CELL). The research in the CELL is meant to transcend traditional academic boundaries. In this Center “life” is defined to include individuals, populations, and communities and “limits” includes physical, chemical, and environmental factors, as well as the engineering and instrumentation constraints that limit our ability to explore.
Jonathan spent 9 years exploring life in the oceans before setting out to reset the mindset of our global approach to energy.  In his words: " It is time to transition from being hunters and gatherers of energy to being cultivators of energy, just as we did with food".  As he points out "we did not leave the stone age because we ran out of stones!"
We will also be joined by the founder of one of the leading UK Clean Energy Investment firms Thurlestone Capital so if you have an interest in alternative enrgy topics, you won't want to miss this meeting!
Join us on Monday March 25th to hear more from our amazing special guest Dr. jonathan Trent.
From 6:30 pm at the Shin Maru Building Office Tower 10th Floor - EGG/21 Century Club Lounge.
Admission: 3000 yen - light food and wine will be served.
Please RSVP early on the Green Mondays ning site - space is limited!
warm regards,
Patricia Bader-Johnston
Co-chair, Green Mondays
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