excerpts from Polaris Post Volume 64 March 2013

Polaris Project Japan is looking for volunteers and fellows (interns): 

+ Website Creative Volunteer (in Japanese)
We need your help in renovating our website:
- Be in agreement with Polaris Project Japan's mission and values
- Have experience in creating website
- Languages to be used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc
- Skills required for volunteers: design, coding, Joomla! customizing, 
  project management

Our fellows will involve in various projects, from research, event 
management, policy advocacy, first as an assistant, and then as
a main coordinator. 

* Making a trip reservation for Golden Week? Check your travel agent if they sign the code to fight against child sex trafficking!

The Golden Week holiday in May is coming up...any fun travel plans yet?
Before you make a travel reservation, check out if your travel agent has signed the Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism.

The travel agents that have signed the code are conducting training for their employees to stop child sex trafficking and raising awareness among travelers. 

It is a global code of conduct in tourism, but only about 80 agents in Japan have signed the code. 

What we can do to protect children from sex tourism is to choose an agent that has signed the code when we make a trip. And request your agent, if they haven't signed, to sign the code.

Check out which agents have signed so far:
Read our comment on Facebook (in Japanese)
Learn more about Code Project (in Japanese)

P.O. Box 716, Shibuya Post Office, Tokyo 100-8692


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