first ever homeless census in Tokyo

Second Harvest Japan will lead the first ever homeless census in Tokyo December or January,
people would use apps to upload information about the location, number of homeless, and number of temporary houses. participatory mapping.
create an app in which people can upload information they are tracking in a specific area.
For example, the location and status of public rest rooms in a specific area. Users upload information to a data base and a map is created. 
Starting with a pilot project in Tokyo then possible expansion 
participants would either download an app to enter data or go to a secure website.  
The data would be collected both during their normal commute and when assigned an area to check.
For example, I live along the Arakawa River. During a bike ride I could check both sides of the river from about Kita-senju to Tokyo Bay. I would upload that information.  All participants would see that information and know that they do not need to cover the same area. There may be areas in which a concentration of homeless congregate or live and multiple observations may be needed.
There would be an orientation session(s) 
We would run the observation for 1-2 weeks. 
would you be interested in participating?  Can you bring in more people who would be interested?


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