Live Colorfully! Charity Project supporting tohoku needs sponsors!

EastEdge Resorts started  a charity project called "Live Colorfully!".
The project is aimed at helping children hit by 3/11 earthquake to enjoy their life through art and creativity and it has been made possible through the cooperation of other members, such as Save Minamisoma Project, Traumaris Space, SPREAD creative unit, Initial PR, Julie Blanchin, Nishiyama Hitoshi, Sato Ken and several local collaborators.
In March 31 ~ April 2, EastEdge Resorts hosted children from Minamisoma (Fukushima Prefecture) at Azumaya Kogen Hotel.
These children and their tutors were able to enjoy a weekend in the nature, able to play outside as long as they like, without radiation worries.
Kids also enjoyed art performances and art workshops, where they could express their life through colors and eventually see its beauty with different eyes.
Please have a look at the video below documenting the event, created for Live Colorfully! by Ganbatte 365.

Through this kind of activities, Live Colorfully! want to give children the courage to create the world they want, give them a tool for self-expression and incite them to use their creativity to help their hometown.
In fact, the artworks created by children will be exposed at Spiral Garden (Minami-Aoyama) from June 12 to 17 as real pieces of art.
During the exhibition Live Colorfully! also wants to raise funds for the Save Minamisoma Project ( and be able to send safe food and water to Minamisoma. So, Minamisoma children's works can help their own city.
Live Colorfully! needs sponsorship to cover the event expenses (around 100,000 yen). Even a partial donation would help a lot.
Please see the details of event at the below links.
〒107-0062 東京都港区南青山5-6-23 スパイラル1F ACCESS
主催:Live Colorfully! Charity Project実行委員会
共催:EastEdge Resorts, Ganbatte365, PR INITIAL, Save Minamisoma Project,
協賛:Azumaya Resort, CRAFT Golf Group, Takeo Co. Ltd, University of Southern
California Alumni Club of Japan
日時:6月12日(火) 1回目15:00~、2回目17:00~
お問合せ: Live Colorfully! Charity Project 実行委員会
(広報担当:ナディア・ロンバルド EastEdge Resorts 内)
TEL: 03-6206-9940


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