TokyoProgressive is moving from Tokyo to Miyazaki. While the website,, will remain, we are branching off into a few exciting areas:
1) a project to help relocate families, including farmers, from Fukushima; also, a plan to offer farm stays to kids unable to move away from areas close to Fukushima Dai-ichi, since even a short time away helps reduce accumulated internal radiation. And kids are the most vulnerable and are not being given any consideration by the authorities at all.

We are leaving by choice around April 1 specifically because we prefer not to live in a state of denial about the decline in the quality of life in and around Tokyo. While one  of us is a nurse and will be teaching nursing in Miyazaki, the other is 60 and faces little chance of obtaining university teaching positions. Consequently, we will also be initiating the following:

2) a home-based language school with a focus on learning for social change.

3) a wine bar/coffee shop featuring organic and fair trade products as well as crafts made by local people living with mental and physical disabilities.

4) a web hosting and design service specializing in reasonably priced sites for non profits and individuals working for social change.

 The URL for the hosting service is. while the other projects will be rolled out over the summer and fall of 2012.  A temporary website will gradually make way for one presenting all our initiatives in greater detail:

For more information, please contact or


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