Global Conference for a Nuclear Power Free World

Global Conference for a Nuclear Power Free World in Yokohama, Japan
January 14-15, 2012.

A  coalition of Japan-based organizations will hold the Global Conference for a
Nuclear Power Free World in Yokohama, Japan on January 14-15, 2012.

•       This conference will create a venue for people from all around the world to gather in Japan and respond to the reality of Fukushima.
•        Will bring together the voices of people who suffer from radiation exposure all around the world, whether by nuclear power or nuclear weapons - “Global
Hibakusha”. We will learn from each other's experiences to illustrate the human and environmental consequences of the nuclear chain.
•       The conference will also aim to demonstrate that it is realistically possible to create a society that is not dependent on nuclear power.
•       Through learning from experiences from around the world, we aim to create a road map for the safe removal of existing nuclear power plants, and from
there, present alternative policies based on renewable energy and propose action plans that can be implemented by Japan and other countries.
People from Japan and around the world are encouraged to join the Conference through any of the following ways:
•       Provide an individual or organizational message and photograph in support of the Conference
•       Participate in the conference
•       Donate to support the organization of the conference

The Organizing Committee:
Citizens' Nuclear Information Centre, FoE Japan, Green Action,
Greenpeace Japan, the Institute for Sustainable Energy
Policies and Peace Boat.

Global Conference For A Nuclear Power Free World
Peace Boat, B1 3-13-1 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku,
Tokyo-to, 169-0075
Tel:+81 03-3363-7561 Fax:+81 03-3363-7562 Web: Email:,


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