To Tohoku: Rebuilding Japan - Sunday July 17

To Tohoku: Rebuilding Japan
 Sunday  July 17         
15:00- 20:30pm
Info and discussions on volunteering for relief efforts
With booths and presentations by NGO relief organizations
Panel Discussion on earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis issues
+ Barbecue!

Event  Schedule
3:00pm:  Open
3:00-8:00pm NGO booths (Peace Boat, TELL, NICCO, Free The Children Japan, AAR, JEN, SHARE, Eat and Energize the East! The Nippon Foundation Road Project, OXFAM Japan, Japan Platform)
3:30pm:  Welcome by U.S. Embassy officials and Temple University Japan
4:00-5:30pm:  Discussion Panel and Q & A featuring NGO leaders
Mariko Fuwa, NICCO, Community development issues and activities
Sanae, NakaJima, Free the Children Japan,  Youth supporting youth in Fukushima
Linda Semlitz, TELL,  Psycho social support and disaster first aid
Tatsuya Yoshioka, Peace Boat,  The power of volunteers
Moderator: Sarajean NGO Consultant,
6:00-6:30pm:  Q & A session with short presentations by other NGOs
5:30-8:00pm:  BBQ

* BBQ: food and drinks are not free, but eat as little or as much as you like!

Location:  U.S. Embassy Housing compound in Minato-ku, Tokyo (Akasaka)
 To sign up: Please e-mail by July 13 (Wed) to:
*We will need to have a name list in advance for all people who come in so please send us your name by July 13 to ensure you are on the guest list.
What to bring:  Official ID card
*The Embassy has a security check that requires everyone to show an official I.D 
     (Official I.D.: Driver’s license, Alien Registration card, Passport, Health Insurance card etc.)

Sponsor and Host:  The U.S. Embassy, Tokyo - Japan Defense Attache Office
                                                                          involved in Humanitarian Relief efforts
Organizers:  Wakai Project at the Institute of Contemporary Asian Studies
                       Temple University Japan, with support from Sarajean Rossitto

Institute of Contemporary Asian Studies: Wakai Project

Produced by the Institute of Contemporary Asian Studies’ WAKAI PROJECT at Temple University, Japan Campus. WAKAI provides a forum for students to interact with cultural innovators, advance serious discussion about social issues and problems facing young people, and impact social policy and debates concerning the status of youth in Japan. The network of universities and organizations that WAKAI draws on provides academic grounding to popular culture issues, and empowers students to integrate their academic and social lives.

Institute of Contemporary Asian Studies: WAKAI PROJECT

Information: Email:

Wakai: NGO Event


開催日:             2011年7月17日(土)
時間:               3-8pm
場所:               米国大使館職員宿舎(東京都港区)
参加費:             入場無料  (スナック、昼食は有料)
持ち物:    身分証明書(パスポート・免許証・外国人登録証明書)
Japan Disaster Grant Adviser, Give 2 Asia
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  1. Thanks for having us at the event, Sarajean. It was a really good chance to meet people, both volunteers and other groups, and think about the big picture.


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