notes from the Japan Fundraising conference

Fundraising 日本 2011
日曜日 午前のセッション
Notes from the session: How to make technology work for nonprofits

by Andrew Moseway (SP?), Blackbaud  staff

Database use for Fundraising in particular

ipad example
Software solutions
Tools to your advantage for what support for donors
Application on iphone
Save the Children Game for disaster relief
Help to show what save the children actually does
How to share what you do in a way appropriate for your audience – the tech gadget s they have and use

Bring it back to Japan
It the Internet  - Implication for fundraisers
Need to change way of seeing how to reach how to approach donors and supporters.
How to change
Donor profile
1.       Read email  - little time per email
2.       Busy
3.       Comfortable getting info on line rather than in person
4.       24/7 access
5.       Share ideas and exp online
6.       Expect personalized – customized
7.       Expect response and interaction
8.       Want to see things happen

Moving toward online virtual communication change in comm. Style
Quick, anywhere anytime

Via new media:
You must be relevant meaningful & personal
How do you differentiate yourself from others?

Target audience assessment
Who are the demographically? As individuals?
Who are they to your org potentially – as individuals?

Online vs. off line database and resource mgt
Offline – keeping data inside the org – or info and assessment but not interactive

Online tech struggle with changing nature - 

Integration into 1 system
 Online donors and offline databases

Person to person events

Donation rates and response rates – online vs. off line

Response to email or snail mail

DM vs. online donation

If you have a good database system set up you will know this

Bring the different aspects together
Off online
Face of each of your donors or supporter

Software possibilities

Multichannel marketing
Bring together difference channels of communication

Multi-channel means more retention – more approaches more diverse needs/wants
Offline interaction is also valuable
Impact and time are difference
More direct / time value
Paper NL can keep or pass around vs. eNL review 1Xshort term

Multi give 5x more than off line
2X more than online
13% new donors
First year retention rate (US) 51% compared with 16% for online and 7% offline

Continual interaction in many ways – online and offline
Become a normal part of their lives.
Various entry points to make more original
Integrated approach – 5 parts of communication
1. Have a plan with clear goals and tactics – how to communicate new and old donors
2. Be consistent across all channels
3. Be regular in your comm.
4. Be where they are: twitter FB mixi etc.
5. Track all info and assess data

Data – valuable resource
Multi-channel benefits
The more we have the more we can understand stakeholders and what
3 key areas
1. Data integrity – quality, answers to questions you need useful for what you need to do? Good and useful systematic manner for data collection, software that help you do this effectively
2. Security - protection for/of your donors, privacy confidence that their data is safe, org integrity is preserved
3. Data capture – enough data? The right data? Data with a purpose? Based on your clear and concrete goals and strategic plan, accurate useful data is helpful extras are not …

Understand why is the data useful to you
How you know your donors
Historical record of failure and accomplishments
Means for appeals and campaigns – issue or fdr
Personal meaning relevant

1. Know your stakeholders – not a as a blob or group but demographically
2. Look at all points of contact – diverse means for engagement of supporters
3. Assess your data – not just for record keeping! but for analysis of next steps, how to better achieve your goals
Lifeblood of your org!

Find a good database solution based on your needs!!! Take time to develop a systems based on your needs and goals!

Develop relationships then ask for money!
do not ask for money with developing the relationship first!


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