more notes from the Japan Fundraising Conference

Causebrand lab Nomura
CRM  Cause related marketing in English
Cause marketing in Japanese

CRM start: 1981 Amex card 2% donation=> 45% ^new card holders, card use 28% ^

Many people want to buy socially responsible products ( about 75% in Japan)
*** but not available or 
** they do not know where to buy such items

Differentiation of org/company

Differentiation/sales points
From the org/corp. basis OR product/org programs basis
What makes you or what you do special or different? More effective more meaningful have a better impact

Short term (project or service basis) or long term campaign (org basis)  => clarify goals
Goal setting and realistic plan is necessary
Merits of the cause must be clear
Identify with your target audience needs and interests
Must understand:
What they know what they do not know
What they want to see happen

Events are not and end but an opportunity to do promotion for your cause and to get the for profit sector involved in supporting your org
I.e. Earth day 4/22
Water day march?
TB day march 25
Fair trade day 2nd Sat in May
Child Labor Day 6/12
World hunger day 10/16
Aids day 12/1
UDHR 12/10 human rights day...

Or incorporate regular holidays (V-day mothers or father days etc.) into your cause campaign

All these present opportunities to get the spot light for your cause => opportunities to get corporation s also involved to use a product or service and get some % from sales for donation.

Such CRM campaigns are effective for outreach, cause promotion and fundraising
Being clear about who is doing what – and where the funds go => trust building and belief in your org, can also show reliability by being very transparent about funds usage


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