Haiti needs our support

For those of you wanting to keep abreast of what humanitarian groups are doing in Haiti be sure to visit: http://www.alertnet.org/ the site specifically aimed at humanitarian and emergency relief news.
  • Up to 3 million people may have been affected by Tuesday's earthquake in Haiti.
  • The Haitian Red Cross believes 45,000 to 50,000 died but others estimate the number is likely to be closer to 100,000 persons.
  • People are in desperate need of food, water, medical support and shelter
As we approach the 15th anniversary of the Awaji-Hanshin Earthquake - let us not forget that a tragedy can also be an opportunity for us to come together and help others. Yes we can have an impact on other’s lives by just giving what we would usually spend on a night out or a few days worth of lattes.

I know many of you are interested in helping out and you might be unsure where to start so I have put together a list of useful links.

Alertnet has a links to major organizations all over the world that are involved in the Haiti relief efforts. These groups are all working on the ground in Haiti. You can find out what groups are doing and then donate to the groups of your choice:

Ekokoro has a site where you contribute to any of the Japan-bad NGOs doing supporting relief work in Haiti. You can also see how much has been given and how many people have made pledges so far.

CNN also has a site with links to organizations involved in relief. It categorizes groups by the areas of work these groups are involved in – basic needs, food, medical shelter etc. – but you cannot donate directly on the site. You must go to the organizations website to donate.

You are of course welcome to give other groups – but this is just to make it easier for you. You can decide easily based on the lists to give to a large international org (like the World Food Programme), a group from your country (like JEN or Peace Winds Japan) and some people prefer more local organizations(such as Yele Haiti).

A few words of advice:
1. Give to organizations that are already doing work in Haiti (As we learned from the Tsunami, too much ends up being wasted in setting up if the org does not already have a local presence.)
2. Be sure to designate your donation for Haiti (This way the funds cannot be used for anything else.)

And one note of caution: be careful about giving to any requests for donations by email unless you are sure the email is legit.


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