Some things to work on in 2008

1. G8 NGO forum - need native English and Japanese writers for notes. reports, translation and possibly event preparation. I am not sure what my role will be may be coordinating a team of volunteers.

2. One Vote 08 campaign - the white band group in the US is working to press US candidates to support spending for poverty alleviation instead of war.

3. A big fundraising networking party on June 7:
I am coordinating a group of people for the development of a large (400-500 people) party next summer to support local organizations and hook them up with supporters. All are joining on a volunteer basis and planning in earnest starts at our Jan 25 meeting. We are looking for people for all committees - pr/outreach, sponsorship, financial mgt., logistics, food and drinks. Sorry - no website yet. we are looking for someone to do that too.

4. Monthly networking nights - see the TCN. Next ones will be 1/21, 2/17, 3/17 => I am looking for nonprofit NGO speakers.
Entry: 1000 yen, students free. Please buy 1 drink. Food menu available.
Location: Roppongi Fifty-Seven, 4-2-35 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
To sign up or for more details:


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