Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

the more i include these in my workshops and talks - the more i realise how little people know and/or are aware of the whole thing. So here is some info:

Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
* time-bound, quantified targets to be achieved by 2015

* 8 goals with #1 as the base
* 18 targets
* 48 technical indicatorsAnnual and biannual national reports based on official data, definitions, methodologies

* First global campaign against poverty including all sectors - bring together the responsibilities of developing countries with those of developed countries

* The Eighth Goal focuses on collaboration

* The Millennium Project recommends that private sector firms and organizations should contribute actively to policy design, transparency initiatives and, where appropriate, public-private partnerships.

Developing country governments =>
* craft and implement the MDG-based poverty reduction strategies in transparent and inclusive processes
* work closely with civil society organizations (CSOs), the domestic private sector, and international partners.

International donors =>
* mobilize support for global scientific research and development
* open own markets to developing country exports.
* increase official development assistance (ODA) from .0.25 percent of donor GNP in 2003 to around 0.44 percent in 2006 & 0.54 percent in 2015


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