Advocacy research

Satoru (from JACO) and i have been talking about putting together a publication on advocacy for about one year now. We have finally been able to get several people together to do some group discussion on some of the key themes such as what is advocacy and why it is necessary.

So much is taken for granted in the English word:
1. people can/should/have the right to speak out
2. speaking out is not "anti" government
* they represent us, they work for us, we pay thier salary, etc

3. people and citizen's groups can/should affect policy change
* we should be monitoring government, wathc dogs are important, so too are is our input for social change policy development

4. policy affects us whether or not we realise it.
* even small things like prioitising things like swimming or criteria for text books...

cathc more later once things come together


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