Network anniversary and the Visit by the UN special rappourteur

The UN Special Rapporteur on racism and discrimination was in Japan around the same time that the anti-discrimination NGO network celebrated its 6-month anniversary.

I attended IMADR's forum on Feb 27 - it started with commentary and responses to the Japanese government claim from Doudou Diene. The panle that followed was also interesting. There were two comments which left deep impressions - one was from a zainichi Korean who admitted that she did not know about the other groups and their issues but wanted to see this as a point for us all ミ Ainu, Okinawan, Koreans etc. to learn about each other. The other was from Hideki who said it has been 6 months and some people say we have not done any thing - but the creation of the network of organizations is of great significance. This is an accomplishment - we do not have many NGO coalitions here in Japan and so many of the groups in the network are tiny, far apart and not wired.

Salute the people of IMADR and the members of the NGO network - this work leading to the development of a broader based movement against discrimination in Japan is not for those with half-hearted interest or armchair liberals. The foundations they are establishing will reap fruit for us all in time.

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U.N. special rapporteur challenges Ibuki's 'homogenous' claim
Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2007

UN Special Rapporteur Diene's Japan Mission Report & NGO Response

The Special Rapporteur welcomes information from people with knowledge on the ground.
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