CSR program development challenges

Many questions about CSR and program ideas have been coming to me these days.

Some (misconceived) ideas and (false) notions that are holding back the development of programs that contribute to the society/communities:

* The idea that companies do not need to invest anything - nonprofit NGO staff can do the work of coordinating programs for free.

* The idea that any event equals a social contribution.

* A strategy that assumes impact on the company staff is more important than the impact on the people being helped or the organization they are working with.

* A focus on obeying the law and following regulations as being enough of a contribution to society.

* The idea that corporate people can not or do not want to be involved in their community - all they care about money.

* The assumption that nonprofit NGO people have no skills and no common sense.

* The assumption that all private or corporate money is dirty money.

* The concern that people in the nonprofit NGO sector can not handle money.

Open communication is the key to opening the doors necessary but so too is having an open mind and heart to people who do different things and who do not know about the field we work in. Companies should be ashamed if they do not have any social program and nonprofit boards should prioritise corporate outreach to develop their funder base. Let's get this rolling.


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