Trafficking in persons forum

I have attended so many interesting event recently - the one I would like to write about today is the Asia Foudnations sympoisum on Trafficking which was held at UNU.

It was very informative and I think it also meade clear what the weak point of the movement are here. for thsoe of us that attend many events on this topic it was good to hear more than just how "kowai so" victims are and and the support needed for them. the IMADR events so far have been the only ones i have seen which look at the rights of the people involved not just the support services and their sad stories.

It was welcome to finally hear questions and discussion on going after traffickers and the necessity of tough prosecution of the brokers in both the countries that send and receive the people who are trafficked.

Another area brought up by the people from the UK was the need for both societal awareness and mobilization of the public. Without the public knowing more about the issue and mobilizing them, what incentive is there for prosecution?

The committee in the UK involving NGOs, police, health workers and MPs is a model for effective advocacy. Involving all stakeholders is the key for success in an issue like this where ithe victims are not only voiceless but also where the gulty parties are protected by the fear that they have over not only the trafficked people but over the public. i felt like no one wanted to talk about the role of organziaed crime.

Without addressing this and going after the brokers - what can actually be changed?


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