Sayama international solidarity campaign

IMADR has just lauched a new site to draw attention to the Sayama case. It has not only information about the case and the story from Kazuo Ishikawa himself but it also has an interactive section where you can follow his movements and supposed events of the day.

An introduction to the case:
On May 1, 1963, in Sayama City, north of Tokyo, a female high school student disappeared on her way home from school. That evening, a ransom note was delivered to her home. she was later foudn dead. On May 23, 1963, Kazuo Ishikawa, a man of Buraku origin from the town of Sayama, north of Tokyo, was convicted and sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit. The sentence was later commuted to life and has been in prison since 1963.

For many people an interesting part about his story might be the fact that he did not even know he was Buraku - that he thought the problems and harrasment his family faced were due to being poor. His story is a must read.

The links and info on what you can do are also good as it shows how everyone can do something. You can include your name on an online petition or write a letter of support.
Check it out:
Sayama international solidarity campaign


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