January 2017 Tokyo Community News now up

Happy new year!

There is a lot going on from the start of the year

* Just a few of the key dates for upcoming events
Jan 12 - 15
A Faerie Tale

Jan 20: March and Vigil

From Jan 27: new series of workshops
for anyone interested in improving knowledge or skills, being a better volunteer, sharing information about nonprofit activities and/or learning more about nonprofits in Japan.

Jan ~ Feb: we wrap up 10 years of the Tsuda International Training program. hoping to move the program elsewhere

Feb - I will moving to a new office and hope to have our monthly community service meetings there - find out more in the next newsletter.

March: many events for IWD - a starting list.

* A few notes on changes
The TCN will be simplified from this year but you are still welcome to send a jpeg of a flier or
The email address for all point people of events are now including in the mailing list.
The online version of this will be shortened here:

Please share this information far and wide with any one you know you might be interested!

For the Feb listing - please send me info by Jan 26. please keep it short and simple.




To find out more about the status of nonprofits in Japan have a look at this in the Japan Times: Charity in Japan begins at home Domestic nonprofit organizations face a number of obstacles in their attempts to make a difference in people's lives. http://www.japantimes.co.jp/community/2016/12/17/general/charity-japan-begins-home/#.WFZLPKJ94hs


To add your email to the mailing list - just sign up here http://eepurl.com/bsmQ2r


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