Tokyo home stays needed for Tohoku kids!

From Shizuka Kumagai,
NonProfit Organization Motherlink・Japan in Rikuzentakata-city,Iwate pref.

We're the organization to support single-parent families and their children around the damaged area in north east of Japan.
And we'd just started running free-school for the children who are suffering from the disaster.
This school is a place for single-parent families who are suffering by poverty. They can leave their children in our care while they're working, and they can eat here for free.
There're so many children who can't go to school or even can't go out from their home because of their suffer from the disaster.

Now we're working on the new project that children who are suffered by the disaster do home stay at the families from overseas, and living in
Tokyo, in this summer. the purposes of this project are
・ To keep the children of single-parent family off the loneliness in the summer vacation.
・ To simulate experience the life of foreign countries in the families from overseas.

We're looking for the families who can accept the children. please help us find families to volunteer.
Please help us  tell people about this project
Shizuka Kumagai,


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