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2016 February Vol.24
 Lighthouse would like to take the opportunity to wish everybody a very happy Lunar New Year.
 Thank you very much for supporting us and our activities in the past year. 2015 was another very busy year for us.

 Lighthouse received 81 new cases in 2015, including 56 cases of forced appearance in adult videos. Thanks to your sincere and devoted support, we were able to quickly respond to all of these cases with care. This year, we continue to support the cases from last year as we receive new cases every week.

 This month, we have released a smartphone app called "ne-ne," allowing anyone to access our consultation services and aid ever easier than before. You can read more details about our app below in our newsletter.
 All of the staff here at Lighthouse will be working hard again this year to help young women and men regain their inherent strength. We hope for your continued support.

2016 February Lighthouse Newsletter Lineup:
1. News: Release of our Consultation App "ne-ne"
2. Voices from Lighthouse Interns
3. Media Coverage
4. Recent Cases: Is there a Human Trafficking Victim in your Neighborhood?
5. Ways You Can Help Now!

1. News: Release of our Consultation App "ne-ne"

 On February 1, Lighthouse released "ne-ne(ねーね)," a consultation app for smartphone devices (also available via website). You can also read the electronic version of our manga comic "Blue Heart," that has received international attention, in our ap.

 We'd like to convey the following message to children and youth:
 "If you feel that you have gone through similar experiences as the stories of the manga, but you feel that you cannot talk about it with anyone, or you do not know who to talk to, whether you are a girl or a boy, please reach out to Lighthouse. We are always ready to help."

 You can download "ne-ne" for your Android device on Google Play today, or access it through your browser here:

2. Voices from Lighthouse Interns

 When I first came to Tokyo just under two years ago to study Japanese, I was deeply shocked by the sexualization and dehumanization of young women in the mass media. It was difficult to buy a weekly magazine that I wanted to read to practice my Japanese that did not have a half dozen, full-color pages of pornography attached on the back. While I wanted to continue watching anime and read manga – two large industries that attract so many young foreigners to come to Japan and to learn Japanese – I certainly did not want to contribute to the child pornography industry. Not once did I feel that the maid cafes of Akihabara were worthwhile tourist attractions for foreigners to admire at.

 Wherever one is, the issue of sexual violence is a challenging one to address. At Georgetown University, where I am studying for my bachelor’s degree, students actively work with school administrators for more institutional support of sexual assault survivors and to promote a positive, consensual environment for relationships to prosper. While I have not yet attended school in Japan, I am saddened to learn that survivors of sexual violence and exploitation who are also minors feel isolated and discouraged from seeking help, because there is no place and no person whom they feel comfortable enough to trust.

 I am extremely honored and humbled to be given the opportunity to volunteer my time at Lighthouse while I spend a semester in Tokyo this year as an exchange student. The sexualization of young women and men in Japanese pop culture is the painful elephant in the room that many fans of manga and anime all seem too ready to be complacent about. I hope to learn a lot from supporting Lighthouse’s activities this year and to spread its mission of providing care to some of the most vulnerable children and young people in Japan.

3. Media Coverage

2016/1/19 We News▶ Japan Criticized for Ignoring Child Sex Abuse, Exploitation

2015/12/28 CNN ▶ Fascination with Japanese schoolgirl culture hiding a darker side?

2015/12/26 Al JazeeraEnjo Kosai: Paid dating with Japanese teenage students

4. Recent Cases: Is there a Human Trafficking Victim in your Neighborhood?

Tokyo ▶Male teachers arrested on suspicion on sexually molesting an elementary school male student and a middle school male student

Kouchi ▶ Doctor arrested again in suspicion of violating laws prohibiting child pornography and prostitution

Fukuoka ▶ Fukuoka police arrested man suspected of taking photos with his mobile phone of a female high school student forced to have sexual acts with him

Chiba ▶ Prosecutors file charges against man suspected of possessing and importing child pornography

Hyogo▶ District court hands judgment to former elementary school teacher who touched boy’s lower half body

*For other cases, please see the Lighthouse website (Japanese Only):

5.Ways You Can Help Now!

We sincerely hope you can give us your support.

☆Become an AKARI supporter from just 1000 yen! For details see:

☆ You can contribute to Lighthouse with one click on gooddo!

☆ Follow us on Twitter!

☆ Like our Facebook page

If there is anyone you know who is affected by these issues or you suspect someone around you is being forced into work, prostitution or pornography against their will but they are unable to fight back.... please contact the Lighthouse hotline.
You may be their only connection to the outside world.

Hotline ▶ 0120-879-871(Mon.~Fri. 10AM-7PM)/ Email Consultation▶
If you wish to unsubscribe the Lighthouse Newsletter, please contact

Issued By:
Specified Non-Profit Corporation Lighthouse: Center for Human Trafficking Victims
Tokyo, Shibuya Post Office, P.O. Box 7, 150-8691
Translated by Kenneth Lee, Aiki Segawa


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