Gift an unforgettable rafting adventure to children at Mirai no Mori

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Gift an unforgettable rafting adventure to children at Mirai no Mori

Experiencing the thrills of teamwork in action
Stream Climbing during the 2014 Summer Camp
Did you ever go camping when you were young?
Many of us have fond memories of playing all day in forests and rivers, and cooking meals over an open fire. Lulled to sleep at night by chirping insects and rustling leaves, then woken at daybreak by a chorus of birdsong. Experiences in the great outdoors have an immeasurable impact on our lives, helping form who we are today.
Experiences such as these are out of reach for some 30,000 children who live in institutional care around Japan.
Mirai no Mori creates life-changing outdoor programs through three core elements of ‘Outdoor Adventure’, ‘Real life English’, and ‘Ongoing Mentoring’ to help create brighter paths to their future.

The final activity planned for this year’s summer camp is a "River Rafting Adventure." The river rafting experience begins with a mix of unease and excitement at facing the rushing and roaring river to the goal 5km downstream. Children work together, paddling and balancing the raft through the rapids. The teamwork required to control the speed and direction of the rafts draws on communication skills and teamwork nurtured during the course of camp, creating a huge sense of achievement and lasting bonds upon reaching the goal.

Without sufficient support, children in institutional care often struggle as they step out into the world at age 18. Our goal is to support these children to create a better future for themselves, and society as a whole.
A total of 1 million yen will enable all children at camp this summer to experience the thrills of rafting, giving them the courage to steer their lives in a better direction. If we don’t reach to 1 million yen, we won’t be able to receive any donation.
If you share our dream of supporting these children to create a brighter future, please consider donating to this cause.
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