Suicide Awareness Talkie Walkie

Come walk with us, and talk with us, on World Suicide Prevention Day, September 10, 2014

Suicide Awareness Talkie Walkie

This year TELL is proud to announce their first suicide awareness Talkie Walkie made possible with support from Morgan Stanley, the Teachers’ Band Night event and designs by David George. Anyone across Japan can plan their own walk or join an existing walk and help raise awareness about this important topic.
Participants will each receive a Talkie Walkie tote bag, used to gather signatures on the day as they make connections along your walk. Participants can either join an existing walk, or host one themselves by visiting the TELL Talkie Walkie website to connect with fellow walkers and even post your own story.
For more information on this event and other means of supporting TELL, please visit the official event website at: or email:


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