PEPY vision starts at home
We are excited to report that our vision has materialized before our own eyes. Noun and Saly pass their high school exam!
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Communications: How we do it and why
As an organization responsible for communicating the successes and challenges of the community in Kralanh district, we strive towards the best possible transparency.
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Onwards & upwards - 2013 transitions
As we enter the 2013/14 school year, some big opportunities and expansion areas are coming our way.
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Join PEPY Ride IX
Join PEPY Ride IX
Our annual cross-Cambodia cycling fundraiser is now entering its ninth year! The money raised helps support educational and youth empowerment projects in rural Siem Reap. Contact for more information.

PEPY House
PEPY House: End of an era 2008-2013
Stroll down memory lane with our collection of photos from the PEPY House. See if you can spot yourself!
AUW graduation
AUW graduation
We are really proud to announce that the Asian University for Women’s pioneering class have graduated! One of Cambodia’s representatives shares with us her life-changing experience, challenges and highlights along the way, and dreams for the future.

Her Turn
International Day of the Girl
There is overwhelming evidence that girls’ education, especially at the secondary level, is a powerful transformative force for societies and girls themselves. We want to share with you a video that we participated in, produced by Her Turn, to celebrate International Day of the Girl.


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