TUJ NGO class Global Issues and How International NGOs Tackle Them

Global Issues and How International NGOs Tackle Them 

(8 Weeks) (NGO201)

Day/Time: Monday 19:10-21:30
 Start Date: February 4th
Hours: 20

NGO 201 is an issues-based course for those with limited knowledge about the nonprofit-NGO sector and/or the global issues they address. The class will focus on diverse issues and how NGOs handle them. In this course we will use online readings to better understand cause and effect.
Case studies will also be used to highlight both problems and approaches. Participants are asked to research NGOs working on specific issues to better understand the methods they use.
Participants are expected to be active in class discussion, take part in group-work and make a final presentation on a problem and NGO of their choice.
Apply for this class by Jan 25
Get more details: contedinfo@tuj.temple.edu


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