The Entrepreneur Awards Japan 2012 (TEAJ).

We would like to announce The Entrepreneur Awards Japan 2012 (TEAJ).
This year, four special awards will be given to entrepreneurs in Japan by a coalition of government, business, entrepreneurial, and non-profit organizations. Winners will be recognized at an awards ceremony at the US Ambassador's residence in Tokyo in November. In addition to the awards, winners will receive 1 year of mentoring as part of the Entrepreneur Mentoring Initiative (EMI) to help enhance the success of each winner's venture.
Due Date the application is Friday, October twenty-six, two thousand and twelve. Prospective Applicants Can visit to download a copy of the application and Obtain TEAJ updates. Surely We welcome Further Distribution of this email to your network .
Thank you very much,
The TEAJ / EMI Secretariat for 2012/2013
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We announcements (TEAJ) 2012 Japan Prize entrepreneur.
This year, for the Japanese entrepreneurs, government, business, four special awards will be honored by the non-profit organization jointly and entrepreneur. The winners will be honored at the awards ceremony at the residence of U.S. Ambassador in Tokyo in November. In addition to the award, for the further success of the venture, each winner will receive a one-year mentoring as part of Entrepreneur Mentoring Initiative (EMI).
The deadline for submissions is Friday 26 October 2012. If you would like to apply for, you can download a copy of the application form from, to get the latest information of TEAJ. We welcome all our delivery to the network of this E-mail.
I would appreciate your cooperation in the delivery of the above information as soon as possible for other organizations and individuals in Japan are likely to be interested applicants.
Thank you for your cooperation.
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