Some responses to common questions i get about nonprofits in Japan

Q#1 Do you know how many registered NPOs there are and how many exist that are not officially registered?

42170 as of June 30 or July 31 this year depending on which site you look at!
by issue break down
by regions

If you include social welfare groups or groups listed under the new 社団法人 system then the number is much higher
this site has that type of org data
Q#2 # of unofficial or unregistered groups ???
not sure i have seen numbers like 80,000 and 200,000 but not really sure which is more accurate.

Q#3 are here stats on ave size and funding?

The japan npo center and japan foundation center used to have this data online but i can not find it right now please let me know if you find such data anywhere!
* some old data (maybe 2002 or 2004 ?)

Financial status:
Average annual income per organization: 2 million yen.

Average number of staff at nonprofit organizations: 1.2 FTE (2000), 1.8 FTE (2004)
3.2% (1995) 5% (2004) of economically active population working in the nonprofit sector
Revenue Sources: all nonprofits, from different info sources
1995: 47% from government, 45% from membership dues, service fees and activity revenues and 9% from donations.
2000 55.8% from activity fees, 14% grants, 10% from donations, 12.5% other

Average individual donations: around 3000yen (stable over 1990 -2004)

Tax deductions and accreditation - Special status, difficult for most NPOs to qualify => about 149 have the status now


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