Another top 10 list

I recently read this top 10 list from a small business group that focuses on getting people moving in growing their own companies. I thought most of these were also useful for people in the nonprofit community.
Here is the nonprofit version of 10 effective ways to grow your business – newly titled 10 effective ways to develop your community organization:

1. Accomplish needs then wants
Know how many of your working hours are actually moving you towards your goals. Often we get caught up in unnecessary things like requests to distribute info for another group or do some thing that seems very important to one particular board member. Staff can get burned out by spending much time on things that are not really related to the objectives of their project – sus out how to stream line extras

2. Kiss – keep it simple stupid
As an org grows it can be easy to get caught up in activities that are quite peripheral to your work. Keep focused on the mission and your objectives.

3. Take control over the deadlines for each task
This requires proactive strategic planning and a good basis of info

4. Transform your members and supporters into outreach specialists
People who support our work and are happy with your projects and events are the best people to promote your group. And some times they would not hesitate to help out but they just need to be asked. Of course they will require some support and mgt. but having others talk about he the benefits of your program is worth much more than staff tooting their own horns.

5. Develop partnerships
Many small groups say this takes too much time and energy but this is the key to not only org growth but spreading awareness and the effect you have.

6. Think big!
Small goals do not help you achieve your goals more affectingly or efficiently. Realistic objectives are important but … we want to promote social changes so we must think big!

7. Do real pr – you are doing real work!
Increase support and attendance of your events by making your events and projects sounds more meaningful and share accomplishments in concrete terms.

8. Leverage more support from existing supporters.
Bring peripheral people into your group by sussing out their interests and what they want to achieve. You already have their attention make them part of the plan and programming.

9. The power of small successful projects over unwieldy ideals that cannot be achieved.
While it is important that each group stay true to their vision and mission it is nonetheless important that we also develop projects that we can successfully manage. What does this mean? Getting the right people with the right skills to manage projects. Setting appropriate goals. Creating a realistic and strategic plan.

10. Keep efficiency on the agenda
Many groups think since they have such a small budget and so few staff that automatically means they are efficient with their money. Have a volunteer who is a professional in the field help you design a more efficient and streamlined financial plan.


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